Products Overview


Wave Systems' comprehensive suite of software is designed to bring the various departments of an agency under a single umbrella. The system is developed using the latest technology Microsoft .NET and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, greatly reducing the learning curve for new and lower-tier users. By seamlessly linking information throughout an organization, the need for duplicate data entry is completely eliminated, while also saving time and increasing accuracy.
Our software includes comprehensive, access-based permissions, restricting sensitive data from those who do not have the authority to view it. Various departments and personnel will only have access to the modules and information that they are authorized to use, as defined by your organizational hierarchy.

Compatibility Information:

Our software is fully compatible with the following industry standards:
  > NIBRS (National Incident Based Report System)
  > UCR (Uniform Crime Reporting)
  > GJXDM (Global Justice XML Data Model)




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