Corporate Security

Incident Reporting

The Incident Reporting system is a form-based solution for comprehensive record management and report writing. A of customized forms, based on your existing paper forms, simplifies data entry, while simultaneously increasing productivity and efficiency. Officers have the option to attach images, videos, audio clips, and any other known file format to the report as supplementary material. Furthermore, the system relies on a multi-tiered approval process that will send all completed reports through your corporate hierarchy. Reports are automatically distributed to the designated personnel based on the incident type, eliminating the need for an employee to manually send reports to the proper department.

Lost & Found

When a visitor or employee loses a personal item, the Lost & Found module simplifies the process of returning that item to its original owner. When a new lost item report is filed, the system will automatically compare the description of the lost item to any unclaimed found items listed in the database. An alert is received whenever a match is found, showing photos of the item, as well as its current storage location. If the owner is already out of the area when the item is recovered, you have the option to print a shipping label and send the item directly to them.

Visitor Management

The Visitor Management module allows your organization to keep track of clients, guests, and other visitors. All information is stored in a secure database, allowing you to generate comprehensive reports of visitor activity. Personal information can be entered either manually or automatically with the swipe of a driver's license or other identification card, enabling you to quickly print color-coded badges with photos and expiration dates.


The Surveillance module allows for a simple way to keep thorough logs of important events occurring on your property. All logs are saved with a camera number, making it easy to keep a historical record of events for a specific location. Supervisors can also monitor real-time event status updates, while officers work on their pending logs. These surveillance logs can either be linked to an existing incident or used to generate an entirely new case. Video clips, images, and other documents can all be attached to the surveillance log, providing a comprehensive description of the event.

Briefing Notes

Briefing Notes is designed to allow for the passing of notes between officers. Using this module, those officers who have completed their shift can leave notes for incoming officers to alert them about persons of interest, dangerous situations, and other concerns. This saves valuable time by alerting personnel to focus their attention on suspicious activity.

Dispatch (CAD)

The Computer-Aided Dispatch module provides operators with a comprehensive tool to deploy available officers to a call. A list of officers, grouped by the officers' status, is clearly displayed to allow for the dispatcher to differentiate between those officers that are available and those that are already on call or on a break. The system automatically keeps track of the time spent by an officer on a call, as well as how long it took the assigned officer to respond. In addition, standard disposition codes can be listed with each entry to classify calls based on the event type.

Risk Management

The Risk Management module is designed to eliminate the need for duplicate data entry within an organization. Integrating seamlessly with the Incident Reporting system, this module allows all generated incidents to be tracked from a financial perspective to keep a record of legal fees and other expenses. You also have the option to run annual or quarterly reports to track financial data based on incident type or location.

People Search (Barred Persons)

The People Search module is designed as a comprehensive tool to quickly look up information about any individual that your agency has come into contact with. Visitors, suspects, victims, and barred individuals are all listed in the results when completing a search using a variety of parameters and descriptives. Photos of the individual, any associates, and any known evidence can also be attached to an individual's record. In addition, the system also keeps track of barred and banned persons by managing barring frequency, length, and status.

Restricted Access

Restricted Access is intended to keep a thorough record of employees and visitors entering certain areas on your property. Using a door mounted touchscreen, users can quickly login to gain access to a restricted area. All data is automatically compiled into a report and periodically sent to upper management either daily, weekly, or hourly.

Transportation Scheduler

The Transportation Scheduler is designed to provide a high level of customer service to your visitors and guests. Receptionists can efficiently schedule taxis, buses, and limos for those who need transportation from your property to another location. Using the information obtained from guests' itineraries, a shuttle can also be sent to receive your visitors at the airport when they arrive.

Employee Licensing

The Employee Licensing module is intended for the maintenance of employee information and for the creation of employee badges. The system also keeps track of license expiration dates and training history for each employee, while also alerting supervisors when important expiration dates are approaching. Records of background investigation forms, reference checks, and employer questionnaires are all compiled through the module, eliminating the need for traditional employee record files.

Anonymous Reporting

The Anonymous Reporting module is designed as a confidential whisteblower system and/or suggestion box. When an anonymous report is filed, designated personnel will receive an alert, showing them the details of the report, along with information classifying the event as either a complaint, a commendation, or a crime. If the event needs further investigation or follow-up, a new case can be generated directly from the anonymous report.

Vendor Management

The Vendor Management module allows you to keep track of all active vendors authorized to work at your property. The system provides a simple way to view those vendors with expiring licenses, while also allowing you to send them the necessary paperwork to renew their licenses. The system also maintains records for each vendor including a full service history, insurance and eligibility status, and a list of technicians authorized to work on your property.